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Name: Adrenalin : Extreme Show
Category: Windows Games
Submitted by: cYpxHSx

Views: 384
Version: 1.05
Region: EU
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Game Description

Adrenalin: Extreme Show is an action-oriented racing game with a catch: all twelve selectable drivers are female. But because we are talking about a video game here all of them have jobs like "p**n star", "party b****" or "pole dancer". So the main reason why there are no male drivers is because the most potential buyers don't want to see almost-naked men in their menu screens. 

With that issue out of the way we can now concentrate on the game itself. As usual the player wants to become the number one during the career mode. When he wins races he receives prize money which he reinvests in his car. In the tuning garage he can buy special maneuvers, e.g. a turbo boost, or just better parts like a new engine. Before every championship he makes a contract with a sponsor which grants him extra money when reaching a certain goal, e.g. winning all races. 

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Archive Content

Game ISO (1.19 GB
Crack is included in the ISO

How to Install

1)[b] [/b]Use a ISO mount software to mount.
2) The game's launcher will appear if AutoPlay is enabled, otherwise go to My Computer -> Double click the "DVD Drive (* : ) Adrenalin" and run the AUTORUN.exe or Setup.exe.
3) Install the game. After that the shortcut will be created.
4) Before launching the game, go into the drive and copy & paste the contents in the CRACK folder to game's directory.
5) Launch the game, the game's setting launcher will be appear. Set it up and click Play.

Important NOTE : Game is designed to work on 4:3 aspect ratio, so only available resolutions are 1024x768, 1280x1024 and 1600x1200. I don't know if there is any solution for this fix, but it doesn't hurt to search for it. If there is, please let me know.

Not tested on Windows 10

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