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Name: Monkey Brains (No Installer)
Category: Windows Games
Submitted by: cYpxHSx

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Version: 1.0
Region: US
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Game Description

Monkey Brains is a 2001 puzzle video game developed by Yobro productions for PC. The game follows injured scientist Dr. Simius who attempts to stop the evil Dr. Kreep from using mind-control technology.
Levels are presented from a side-scrolling view, with Dr. S
imius controlling a group of monkeys who must perform tasks like pulling levers and pressing buttons while evading traps and enemies in order to progress to the next level. The game's enemies and obstacles present an action component for the game, as a player may have to navigate a monkey though a crushing machine or past flying mines. Only one monkey can be controlled at a time.
All hazards in the game are non-lethal, though they will reduce the player's health bar; the game is over when the health bar is depleted. Health can be replenished by collecting fruit.

Archive Content

Game Folder (57.9 MB)

How to Install

1) As there is no installer, all you have to do is open the 7Z archive. Find and extract the "monkey_brains" folder to anywhere on disk.
2) After extracting, open the folder and double click the "monkey.exe" to run the game.

Important NOTE : The game is designed to work on 640x480 resolution, it cannot be changed.

Tested on Windows 10

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