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Name: Mr. Bean (Europe)
Category: Playstation 2 Isos
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Mr Bean is on his most outrageous adventure yet – and he's inviting you along for the ride. Teddy's been kidnapped by a mysterious villain, and Mr Bean needs your help to find the ransom – 450 cat biscuits! This action-packed comedy game is based on the smash hit animated TV series and stars all of Mr Bean's famous friends and foes, including his beloved Irma Gobb and even the mischievous moggy Scrapper!
12 fun-packed levels full of cunning puzzles and crazy traps to encounter. Even dress up as a pirate on your mission to save Teddy!
Battle baddies with frying pans while negotiating your way through exciting 3D locations!
Utilises touch screen technology in the exclusive to Nintendo DS™, Whack-a-Mole level!

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