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Name: Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland (NTSC)
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Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland (牧場物語3 ハートに火をつけて, Bokujō Monogatari 3: Hāto ni Hi o Tsukete, lit. Ranch Story 3: Ignite the Fire in the Heart), is a farming simulator game developed by Victor Interactive Software and published by Natsume for the Playstation 2.
It is the first title of the Harvest Moon series to appear on Playstation 2 and one of the few Harvest Moon games to be cancelled in all PAL Regions. It was re-released for download on the PlayStation Network (PS3) ten years from its 2001 release date. A further re-release to the Playstation 4 was done in 2017. This time, trophies were added for players to earn.

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