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Name: Fallout 3 Van Buren (Tech-demo, before Bethesda)
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Version: Tech-Demo
Region: Unreleased
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 - Developer :  Black Isle Studios
 - Publisher :  Interplay Entertainment
 - Designer :  Chris Avellone / Josh Sawyer

 - Platform :  Microsoft Windows - PC
 - Genre :  Role-playing
 - Mode :  Single-player

  - Description :

"Van Buren" was the codename given to what would have been Fallout 3, a role-playing video game that was being developed by "Black Isle Studios" before the parent company, "Interplay Entertainment" went bankrupt. This resulted in the company shutting down "Black Isle", which in turn laid off the PC development team on December 8, 2003, effectively cancelling the game.

Prior to its cancellation, "Van Buren" was set to carry on the "Fallout" series, but was not a sequel to "Fallout 2". An official "Fallout 3", unrelated to the abandoned "Van Buren" project, was developed by "Bethesda Game Studios" after "Interplay" sold the single-player rights of the franchise to "Bethesda Softworks". It was released October 28, 2008.

Several "Black Isle" staff members went on to form "Obsidian Entertainment", and many themes, factions and characters of "Van Buren" were incorporated in Obsidian's Fallout: New Vegas, published by "Bethesda" Softworks in 2010.
A trademark was filed for "Van Buren" on October 17, 2014, by "Roxy Friday LLC", a company associated with "inXile Entertainment".

  - Development :

Prior to the development of "Van Buren", two attempts to make a new "Fallout" game were halted by "Titus Software" in favor for other of "Interplay's" titles, notably console titles. When "Interplay" lost the rights to make "Icewind Dale" and "Baldur's Gate" video games for the PC, their game "Baldur's Gate III: The Black Hound", in development by "Black Isle Studios", was canceled. With the cancellation of "Baldur's Gate III", "Black Isle Studio's" team was immediately transferred to work on "Fallout 3", codenamed "Van Buren".

During this time, "Interplay's" own team was working on "Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel", the teams had one meeting together to plan out the games. When many of "Black Isle Studio's" most talented developers left "Black Isle Studios", the developer Damien Foletto, responded by stating it was only the trust within the team and belief that they could finish the game that kept them going. The game was officially canceled when "Titus" decided to try to improve "Interplay's" console division. This led to a nearly completed "Fallout 3" being canceled. Members of the "Black Isle" team were then either transferred to the development of "Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2" or "Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II", of which only the latter was released.

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