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Name: Pax Corpus
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 - Title :  Pax Corpus
 - Genre :  Action / 3rd-person
 - Developer :  Cryo Interactive Entertainment
 - Publisher :  Cryo Interactive Entertainment
 - Released :  1998
 - Platform :  Windows_PC

Pax Corpus is a 1997 video game, released only in Europe.
The player is an amnesiac female mercenary who has been tasked with entering Corporation Alcyon and discovering the secrets of the Pax Corpus Project.
Players advance through the level by acquiring a series of keycards. Shooting and weapon upgrades are core mechanics. The game is accompanied by rave music.

In the game you play an attractive female mercenary who knows little about her own past. You've been hired to discover the secrets surrounding Corporation Alcyon's Pax Corpus Project, and eliminate any threat it poses to the free world.
The gameplay of Pax Corpus revolves around shooting, weapon upgrades, and level progression through the acquisition of keycards. Rave-style music accompanies the player throughout the futuristic world of violence.

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