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Name: STATE OF WAR 2 ARCON (English Translation)
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English Translation By: Shawnxz

State of War 2: Arcon (2007) Is a old school RTS in a damn good coat. Duty for hard core strategists and optimal start for beginners! Real-time strategy extending the usual war stories with a new futuristic theme.
Wars are fought, and powerful corporations dependent on the armaments industry are creating new mass entertainment for millions of players. Tanks and giant walkers are once again being chased on the former training planets.
The influential entertainment company thus came up with the idea of combining the unique environment of training military planets with Neuronet technology into a new type of fighting game in which people would fight each other with remote-controlled machines. For the needs of such entertainment, the environment of the Nakira planetary system was made. Only minimal planetary modifications were needed to get the project up and running, and the game soon managed to earn money to maintain and rebuild the entire system. the creators called the whole show ARTIFICIAL CONFLICTS, very quickly the abbreviated name ARCON was adopted and the players started to call themselves arkonauté. Arcon soon became a phenomenon to which the Tarelans completely succumbed. Millions of players and billions of passive spectators were such a success that new arenas had to be opened and further modifications made to the game. The Nakira system has become a huge entertainment center for the whole of the Republic of Tarelan,

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