Last Updated: 05-23-2020, 10:29 AM
Name: Wild 9
Category: Playstation (PSX) Isos
Submitted by: Zerohour2k12

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Region: USA
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The developers of Earthworm Jim bring you an intergalactic battle of good vs evil guaranteed to re-igite your passion for video gaming. Forget simple jumping and running Wild 9 is the first game ever to let you torture your enemies! Use the Mangler or the Decapitator to finish them off. Forget wimpy bosses. In Wild 9, you face KARN - the largest enemy ever in a video game - his face is the size of New York! Forget stupid tail whipping, butt bouncing games. Wild 9 lets you burn your enemies to a crisp before dancing on heir alien graves! Forget getting lost in mazes. Wild 9 is all action from the moment you hit START! Forget endless running, hop on the Space Bike and get ready for the adrenaline rush of your life!

  • 1 Player
  • Analog Control
  • Vibration Function
  • Pick up Girls, Torture your enemy, and Exterminate Evil!
  • From the developers of Earthworm Jim

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