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Name: TrackMania Nations ESWC (free Stadium) 2006
Category: Windows Games
Submitted by: ALexRex

Views: 94
Version: 1.75 - 1.8
Region: Setup
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TrackMania Nations ESWC (sometimes simply called TrackMania Nations or abbreviated TMN) is the third game in the TrackMania series.

On January 27, 2006, Nadeo released TrackMania Nations, partly as a promotion for the Electronic Sports World Cup, and also for TrackMania itself. This free, stand-alone game had one new environment, "Stadium", and many of the Sunrise edition features, including the advertisement panels, which show ads from sponsors streamed from the internet. The game contains 100 single player tracks, the earlier ones relatively simple in both design and gameplay, but it is largely pitched as an online game. One of the main attractions is the leader board, where players compete for the best times and points. The top five players can be seen on the game's homepage. Nations quickly became popular with almost 1 million registered online players within weeks of its launch[citation needed]), largely due to the wide availability of the freeware game.

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