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Name: Shinobi
Category: Playstation 2 Isos
Submitted by: Zerohour2k12

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Region: USA
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The legendary ninja returns, haunted by the dead and hindered by the very rage that spurs him on. In Shinobi, you'll play the role of Hotsuma, leader of the Oboro clan, as he battles through the demon-filled streets of a postapocalyptic Tokyo in search of answers. You'll have all the skills of a ninja, including sword and shuriken mastery, Ninja Magic, and the ability to run along walls and scale buildings. With stealth-dash technique, you can chain your attacks together to consecutively destroy hordes of enemies.

  • The long-running series is re-born with next-generation graphics and unlimited gameplay freedom.
  • Revolutionary stealth dash allows players to attack enemies in succession.
  • Destroy objects to find secret arenas, hidden items, and awesome shortcuts.
  • New gameplay mechanics allow players to run along walls, scale buildings and perform multiple attacks with a sword or shuriken.

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