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Name: The Sniper 2 (SLES_516.23)
Category: Playstation 2
Submitted by: Jaydee777

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Region: PAL
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Harry was a fire fighter. He was good at his job but, while on a mission to rescue a girl he stumbled onto a counterfeiting ring. In a corrupt city this was bad news and it cost Harry his job but, worse than that, it cost him his girlfriend as Claire Anderson was killed by the mafia.
Harry left town and trained under an ex-army veteran to become a top sniper. He returned home to take his revenge and found an ally in the mysterious C.A. who supplied him with inside information. When the last mafia boss was dead Harry finally met C.A and found she was Melissa, the little girl he rescued all those years ago, she'd grown a bit but she was still a kid who for some reason possessed the memories of his beloved Claire.

The game starts with Harry and C.A. On the run and driving through the desert in a big pink Cadillac. They pick up Stanley who's car has broken down, in return for the favour Stanley takes them to his favourite diner in Sacramento where he treats them to a meal. While they are eating more mafia show up and start shooting, using a rifle supplied by the diner's lady owner Harry fights back and the game truly begins.

This game differs from most action games, it's called 'Sniper' and that's what the game delivers, short sections of action where the kill shot must be made within one to two minutes separated by sections of storytelling. Every shot is graded and every shot must be a kill-shot, miss or just wound the target and it's game over, though the player is given the chance to try again.
Once the mafia hit men are dealt with the story unfolds into something involving the C.I.A., a shipment of nerve toxin, and secret meetings.

The game has a training mode which introduces the player to the controls, however this is limited to stages the player has unlocked.

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