Last Updated: 04-02-2021, 01:56 AM
Name: Mizzurna Falls (English Patched)
Category: Playstation (PSX) Isos
Submitted by: Zerohour2k12

Views: 39
Region: Japan
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Notes: Contains 2 Separate Patched Versions

  1. Patch by Cirosan/nikita a patch made from scratch, it uses the script by Evie (same as leak). translates the entire game including, intro video subtitles, menus and map.
  2. Patch by Owl, he re-translated the game entirely by himself. Intro video isn't subbed but it's not a deal breaker since it's already spoken in English.

Mizzurna Falls is a 1998 PlayStation adventure game developed by Human Entertainment. Heavily inspired by cult classic TV show Twin Peaks, the game follows high schooler Matthew Williams as he searches for his close friend, Emma Roland, who has gone missing. Notable for its unique blend of open-world gameplay, a real-time clock that sees NPCs and events following their own schedules, emphasis on exploration, and elaborate action sequences, Mizzurna Falls is considered a forerunner to later titles such as Deadly Premonition, Shenmue, and Majora's Mask. However, Mizzurna Falls was on the bleeding edge of technology at the time, and its ambitious open-world was ultimately too much for the PlayStation to handle, resulting in a number of bugs.

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