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Name: Bee Movie Game
Category: Windows Games
Submitted by: cYpxHSx

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Version: 1.0
Region: US
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Game Description

Bee Movie Game is based on an animated movie with the same name. Play as Barry B. Benson and prove that there's more to being a bee than just making honey.
Playing as Barry, you retell your story through a series of flashbacks, while you work odd jobs around New York and Barry's hive. There are various mini-games that need to be completed to continue the story. Gameplay includes controlling Barry on foot, in the air, and driving around town.
Exclusive to the Wii version are 3 Bee speedway tracks, 4 additional maxi-games and 6 new competitive 2-player arcade games.

Archive Contents

Game ISO (2.33 GB)

How To Install

1) Use an ISO mount software to mount (Windows XP, Vista, 7)
(Win8 and 10 users can double click to. ISO to mount it automatically)
2) The game's launcher will appear if AutoPlay is enabled
Otherwise, go to My Computer -> Double click the "DVD Drive (* : ) BEE_MOVIE " and run the Autorun.exe or Setup.exe
3) Install the game.
4) Apply the crack by copying the game files from the Crack folder and pasting them into the game's directory.

5) Play.

Important NOTES

  • There is no problem with gameplay. It works well on Windows 10 as well.
  • Here is the weird thing, the game supports 16:9 (even 16:10) but with 1280x720 resolution only. There is a way to force the game to use 1920x1080. Download and use the registry file down below, after you run the game. This registry file will make the game work on 1920x1080 and everything maxed.

Tested on the XP, 7, and 10

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