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Name: Turbo Trucks
Category: Windows Games
Submitted by: Jaydee777

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Turbo Trucks is a single player, keyboard controlled racing game though a joystick is also supported.

There are three race modes; Tournament, Quick Race and Time Trial. The races are run around two courses, Redwood Valley and Razor Canyon. For the Quick Race and the Time trial these courses are divided into stages with only the first stage of Redwood Valley being available, other stages are unlocked as the player progresses through the tournament mode.
The tournament mode starts with the player racing in the Amateur league, success there allows the player to race in the Semi-Pro league which in turn leads to the Pro league. All tournaments are over four races and take place on sections from either of the two courses.

There is a variety of quad bikes to choose from, Smokey, Bulldog, Diesel and Thunder which are available at the start of the game plus King Cobra, Big Green and a mystery vehicle which are unlocked by winning tournaments. Apart from colour the trucks all have the same performance.

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