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Name: Nonsense Madness
Category: Windows Games
Submitted by: cYpxHSx

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Version: 1.0
Region: EU
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Game Description

The sequel to Nonsense Trilogy is here at last! We´re proud to bring you Nonsense Madness. The latest contribution to the Nonsense series. Play 20 strange levels in this new arcade/platform game, which stars the man with the oddly spelt name, Mr Nonsens. The game is divided into 6 different acts. Each act consists of 3-4 levels. Of course, this game features some great graphics and CD-quality sound effects!
Min. system: Pentium-I 75 MHZ, 8 MB RAM, 256 colour graphics card and Windows 95/98/NT.
Rec. system: Pentium-I 166 MHZ, 16 MB RAM, 4 MB 16-bit graphics card and Windows 95/98/NT.
Please note: Because of some advanced transparency effects, you might get a better performance with a high-end 2D graphics card.
[Image: 2Dfx.gif]

Archive Contents

Game ISO (5.56 MB)

How To Install

1) Use an ISO mount software to mount (Windows XP, Vista, 7)
(Win8 and 10 users can double click to. ISO to mount it automatically)
2) The game's launcher will appear if AutoPlay is enabled
Otherwise, go to My Computer -> Double click the "DVD Drive (* : ) NONSENSE_MADNESS " and run the Autorun.exe or Setup.exe
3) Install the game.
4) Play.

Important NOTES

  • There is no problem with gameplay. It works well on Windows 10 as well.
  • The game is designed to work on 640x480 resolution, it cannot be changed.
  • Alternately, if it launches in a big resolution but tiny game screen, tick the box Run in 640x480 screen resolution option in the Compatibility tab.

Tested on the XP, 7, and 10

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