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Name: RS3 - Racing Simulation 3 three
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- Developer :  Ubi Soft Paris
- Publisher :  Ubi Soft
- Platform :  Windows (PC)
- Release :  2002
- Genre :   Sim Racing

Racing Simulation 3 is a Sim racing video game of the racing genre released in December, 2002 by Ubi Soft. There are 16 racing courses that the player can race on. A different feature besides the improved AI drivers. It also has six different game procedures, from driving school to championship cups.

Racing Simulation 3 is already Ubisoft's fourth F1 game release. Racing Simulation 3 is without the FIA license, so you have to accept imaginary teams, drivers on imaginary tracks.

Racing Simulation 3 features 16 tracks, the new Indy track, improved old good F1RC engine, improved driving physics, improved driving behavior and impairment features with collisions, some new views and cameras, you get penalties for making rally-moves, good AI, a lot of options for customizing your car, six different game modes - Single race, Full race, Championship, Time attack, Private trials, and a brand new Scenario mode. For PS2/GC players, there are six different game modes, ranging from the driving school to a complete championship and multiplayer up to 22 players via LAN/Internet.

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