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[FILLED] Grand Theft Auto 3 PC ISO
Please, upload Grand Theft Auto III ISO for PC. And please not from IGAMES. Almost all games from IGAMES are RIP's not ISO's.
I can upload it in about 24 hours (a bit busy right now)..

..If anyone wants to do it before that, please do so
I'm waiting.
Thanks. Can you also upload Grand Theft Auto III original ISO not repack?

This game:
If I find my old CDs, I will upload "GTA III" ISO aswell as "San Andreas" original ISO.
(the GTA:SA I upped is a Repack) :

- EDIT :
I uploaded both versions (an original CD-Iso and a Repacked updated ISO) of "GTA SanAndreas" :

..and "VOX" upped the CD-Iso of "GTA III" for PC.. Thank you man :

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